Extension event type for handling buttons on top of a dom element.  This event type fires “buttonclick” on its <target> when a button was clicked.  Buttons are detected by the “olButton” class.

This event type makes sure that button clicks do not interfere with other events that are registered on the same <element>.

Event types provided by this extension

  • buttonclick Triggered when a button is clicked.  Listeners receive an object with a buttonElement property referencing the dom element of the clicked button, and an buttonXY property with the click position relative to the button.
OpenLayers.Events.buttonclickExtension event type for handling buttons on top of a dom element.
OpenLayers.Events.buttonclickConstruct a buttonclick event type.



Construct a buttonclick event type.  Applications are not supposed to create instances of this class - they are created on demand by OpenLayers.Events instances.


target{OpenLayers.Events} The events instance that the buttonclick event will be triggered on.